form manager and form designer Version 1.5 released

The version 1.5 of incorporates several new features to enhance the design of the presentation layer.

The new FormDatabase API is an effective approach to overcome the current limitations of creating forms for ASP.NET Web and Windows applications. It provides programmatic tools to dynamically load and manipulate forms and controls in both Windows desktop and Web environments. conecept

new features

  • LoaderForm and LoaderControl Components dynamically load a form from the project and bind them to a given data source.
  • The new WebLoader component takes advantage of Macromedia¬© FlashTM technology, thereby allowing for consistent and predictable rendering of forms across client browsers and operating systems that have installed Flash Player 7.0 and higher versions.
    See the examples of the WebLoader component that give you a short overview of the flexibility possible in creating rich web applications.
  • True visual form inheritance. This can be used for security or localization purposes. The Northwind Employees example gives you a visual impression of the result.
  • Improved import and export functionality for existing Visual Studio .NET projects.