databinding with webloader, loadercontrol and loaderform.

DataBinding is a powerful feature provided by the .NET framework that enables visual elements in a client to connect to a datasource. assists you in connecting business object properties to textboxes, NumericUpDown and other form controls.


The automatic databinding feature is supported in both the Windows and WebLoader components. Implementing databinding in a form requires no more than a single line of code. In the Windows LoaderControl and LoderForm we have implemented two approaches of databinding:

  • Manual assignment of business object property values to controls and writing their values back to the business object.
  • Using the built-in Windows forms databinding features.

In both databinding techniques you can assign a format for all numeric and date properties. When using manual databinding, the IsDirty property is automatically set to true when a value is changed and a DirtyChanged event is fired.
You can bind business objects of your application to a form in a project. When the code for the form is generated, includes code statements based on your preferred data binding method.