advantages of the webloader

create rich internet applications in less time

With you can create rich Web applications using C# or VB.NET and interact with the form through XML Web Services. This provides you the ability to create rich Web applications with out any knowledge of Macromedia© FlashTM Actionscript.
A Macromedia© FlashTM MX license is not required to create rich Web Applications.

create webforms with a full-featured designer engine

Create forms with's poweerful designer engine. includes all standard design possibilities like anchoring, docking and editing properties in a property grid. ...
Additional features are a TabIndex Editor for a graphical definition of tab ordering of controls. The LimitEditor lets you define the MaxLength property of multiple text boxes or NumericUpDown controls from one convenient location. It also supports a consistent binding of a data source to the presentation layer (databinding).

easy data binding with a single line of code

That means that only one line of code is necessary to attach a data source to the WebLoader component. Saving the edited data from the WebLoader back to the business object takes only one function call.

browser and platform independence through the use of macromedia© flashtm technology

This allows for consistent and predictable rendering of forms across client browsers and operating systems that have Flash Player 7.0 and higher installed.