form inheritance

Creating a consistent look for the forms of an application can be a challenging task, especially when the application is quite large. provides stylesheets as a means to ease the tedium connected with re-creating formatting across different forms, but it also offers another alternative - form inheritance.

Using the Form Manager, you can easily create inherited forms by right-clicking on any existing form in the Project Explorer and selecting " Inherited Form" in the context menu. A new form is added to the project, which inherits all controls and properties from the base form. It can be freely modified in the Form Designer just like the base form.

Resetting changes in inherited forms:

If you work in an inherited form in the Form Designer, you have the option to undo all or only a subset of the changes you made to any given control. This is achieved by right-clicking on the control and selecting " Reset all" or "Reset size/location" form the context menu.