form designer business classes (databinding) movie

form designer toolbox You can bind business objects of your application to a form in a project. When the code for the form is generated, includes code statements based on your preferred data binding method.
If you have assigned a Business Class (Example = Northwind.EmployeesRow) to the form it will be displayed in its own section in the Toolbox. The data type settings defined in the program options determine which controls can be used for which data type and which data type is to be used as the default. As you can see on the left, a control has been assigned to each property. By expanding a tree node, other (optional) controls are displayed as well and can be used (with the default set in bold). The number in square brackets behind the property name shows whether the property is used on this form and how often. Properties are placed on the form by drag and drop or by the double click QuickAdd action. When using QuickAdd a predefined offset (as set in the program options) is used.
see designerscreen shot